LEGO Batmobile

I’m a huge a fan of the Tim Burton Batman film of 1989. One of the reasons is the iconic Batmobile design, I’ve always wanted to build it in LEGO. here’s my ‘creator-scale’ version.

Phantom (from “Titanfall 2”)

It has been awhile since I built a ship from a video game. Which is quite unfortunate since Sci-Fi VTOLs are one of my favourite subjects. They often have very distinct and interesting shapes. And this one is no different: The redesigned Phantom from “Titanfall 2” Even if you played the game you might not […]


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S.P.I.D.E.R First Mission Findings

Discovery! The inaugural voyage of the S.P.I.D.E.R. Drone reveals substantial evidence for life on Mars, but Benny isn’t so sure he wants to know much more about these lifeforms! _((( Head left for COMIC w/detail shots!!! )))_

Apollo 11

Hey all, posted this a little late. Built for a 50th anniversary event held at the RMSC in Rochester. It has been a bit since I last uploaded anything, though I have not stopped building, simply had computer problems and was too lazy to fix them. Hopefully all of the issues are dealt with at […]