Confederacy Criminal Record Database Classification: Restricted Subject Name: Jinx Manufacturer: Pulsar Ship Yards Class: VL-40 Medium Maintenance Craft Modifications: Missile launchers. EMP Railgun. Enlarged forward thrusters and shield capacity. Presumably many others presently unknown. Pilot Name: Hammond Labell Known Aliases: Rabbit Affiliation: The Free Colonies Occupation: Officially signed as cargo deck officer on Karoji Space […]

SHID2: Electric Boogaloo (SHIDtember2019)

SHIDtember’s back, baby! 5yrs ago today I posted The 8-Belle. Today I give you the Jovian Confederation ship JCS New Belfast, light tactical carrier. Dual hangar bays with control tower, quad engine nacelles, main bridge, and multiple sensor systems. 108 studs (Duplo studs!), 67.5″/171.5cm. 100% Duplo; all SNOT is Duplo: no System or Toolo bricks, […]

UCS UT-60D U-Wing

Rogue One is one of my favorite SW movie. And one of the reason I love it is the design of the ships. They don’t simply dig out old concept art from McQuarrie, they create new ones which fits perfectly in the SW universe. So naturally I needed them in my collection, 75155 is cool, […]

CBFD Truck 10

View more pics here:… #OftenImitatedNeverDuplicated Truck 10 has received updated graphics before returning to service at Station 10 – CBX. As one can immediately tell, this rig is different than the other frontline truck companies at Castle Beach Fire Department. The most obvious difference is the color scheme. While the other truck companies are […]