The Mandalorian

With my studies at university and all the other wonderful, crazy, roller-coastery things that God has in my life at the moment, I haven’t had too much time for LEGO lately. Nevertheless, I had some time on my hands over the weekend, et voila! I honestly love The Mandalorian thus far, and I can’t wait […]

Ma.K – Lego Pkf.85 Falke

It’s october so time to build some Maschinen Krieger inspired moc! I have always considered a difficult build to realize when i saw first time in the unreal shapes of Calin. This year i tried, motivated by Thomas Jenkins with his moc, with great cockpit idea, that i used (thanks a lot dude, all credits […]

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Aracno Cargo – Instruction guide Flckr

This week I will be presenting one day because tomorrow is a holiday. Therefore I present the flying vehicle for transporting the Aracno Mecha. Aracno Cargo is a very manageable vehicle thanks to its four motors that can be oriented in several directions.


As a little side project, I’ve finally assembled a full LEGO Iron Legion Hall of Armor display! It uses 4 of LEGO’s new Hall of Armor sets, 28 knockoff suits, & 9 of my own custom painted suits from past showcases. This has always been a small dream of mine for over 6 years now, […]

Wanna race?

I Always love to build some sci-fi or cyberpunk theme, and this time I’d used Tron legacy as my lead characters in this scene, hope you guys enjoy

Scorpion Tank

Another pic of the beast I still find it hard to believe I started this build 4 years ago…. Don’t think I’ll be making any changes for the time being though, I’m pretty happy with how she’s turned out.