Space Exploration

My new MOC is inspired by the current Lego City Space Theme. I loved the space theme as a child and realized that I’ve never built a space MOC before. The first of a series is a Mech or Walker thing. This will be part of a new collab with speedyhead, so watch out, there […]

Albert Zero | Main photo

Intrepid Intergalactic Explorer Originally started for the djok ‘em sock ‘em contest and foolishly finished for the bio-cup, this sat unfinished for months before I met up with CZQ who helped me put the finishing touches on it, and provide the incredible posing and photography.

A brighter future (maybe) | The Brothers Brick

Not every future has to be dark, gritty, and dystopian. Stenertje brings us a look at a brighter LEGO alternative with this Space Police II Outpost. The clean lines of the cruiser are just as nice as the well maintained station. Just don’t look too closely at all the guns hidden among the friendly faces.

The Dock Restaurant

This modular build of an authentic dock was inspired by the Old Fishing Store set. It’s unique combination of being a dock and containing a restaurant is a great piece for kids to play with and for adults to collect. Also it would be a good…

Experiment 626 / Stitch!

Aloha! Experiment 626 has just broken out of the Galactic Federation Headquarters and has crash-landed on earth! You can assemble your favorite version of Stitch! Build him as the trouble-maker 626, or build him as the fluffy dog that you know…


I’ve taken an interest in model kits lately and gained enough confidence to try my newly acquired skills on my other hobby. Ever since trying out some camouflage designs I always wanted to have one in real life. It turned out better than I expected. WIP process

The Good Guys

Well, I redid my X-wings…again. They just weren’t to scale and it was bothering me. All my other Star Wars builds have been to the minifig scale of 1 meter to 3 studs. The USC Falcon is also on this scale. That means that an X-wing should be about 37 studs, as apposed to the […]