TARDIS Console Room

My own TARDIS console room design with Nth Doctor and her two companions. Built for New Elementary’s parts festival. More on Cyclopic Bricks.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Vehicle

Ho… ho… ho…! Today I would like to show you something other than SW creations. I prepared this winter MOC for the competition in our local community – Enjoy the photo! Bartosz One more message! 🙂 Many people from the community convinced me to set up an Instagram account! If someone prefers to follow […]

Portuguese Navy Display

I recently started to make my traditional 2019 year photo compilation and I noticed that I never put this picture, the Portuguese Navy Display. In this photo, you can see all the Portuguese Ships that I built this year (and in other years as well). Behind is the Soviet Navy Display (also made this year). […]


LEGO Mech. ↓Other photos here.↓