Author: Tiki God

02 Almirante Cochrane – Different views

Above are other angles of the Almirante Cochrane. I had a tight budget to build it, so I had to make a few compromises in terms of parts. The ship originally had sails but they were removed over time and received more modern military masts. It was armed with six 9in (229 mm) muzzle-loading rifles […]

Blacktron Postman – Febrovery 2020 01

Starting the Febrover Madness with a tiny build on the classic 2441 chassis. This isn’t exactly how I wanted to start, but it’s the only one of the few I’ve already built, which fit in my pocket for a short shopping walk en route through the allotments. Weather is (as you can plainly see in […]

Grendaean Guardian

A mainstay of the Grendaean Home Defense Force, the Guardian is a versatile weapons platform, providing heavy firepower with deadly mobility. Built for the Space Jam 2019 military collab with BetaNotus.

Pieces of Cinema 9. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Everyone loves ET. This 80’s classic is a family favorite from many generations. I don’t particularly like the movie that much, but I can’t deny it’s stunning visual effects. The ET puppet/animatronic was and still is incredible. Oh, I would also mention, many people thought that the kid on the bike was Darth Vader, but […]