Author: Tiki God

Rebuild The World

It all starts with a brick. And billions of possibilities. Build. Unbuild. Re-build. Experiment. Break the rules. Fail. And try again. This is the cycle of c…

Flight Training

FL-56 Ionospheric Training Craft and LL-102 Teaching Shuttle Pod After basic simulation training, new Federation recruits were taken up as far as the edge of the ionosphere to get the hang of flying in a variety of atmospheric densities and pressures. Those few who succeeded in impressing the flight tutors would be selected for the […]

17 – Kitchen Scene

After their adventures tour Tim and Lexi want to get something to eat, but get interrupted by two velociraptors and flee in the kitchen. Jurassic Park really turned out to be a feast for different scenes. This was one that I was anticipating a lot and looking forward to build. The series is almost over. […]

Tie Bomber V2

So continuing my work on my tie bomber. major rebuild on the rear of the ship and lots if internal reworking for structural strength. its now very heavy but very solid