It’s a Trap!

Everyone’s favorite space admiral during the moment in Return of the Jedi that made him internet-famous. Meanwhile, the Battle of Endor rages behind him. All built within a 16x16x16 vignette!


I’ve been playing around with Lego studio and built a digital version of my Curiosity MOC, including the small updates I’ve made over the years. The render quality is really impressive!

“Hello, what’s this then?”

Ok, this was totally meant to be some kind of Nexo Knights origin thing, a spaceperson discovers a glowing sword hidden in some mysterious ruins, Excalibur style, or something. Green foliage, light bley and trans neon orange, photograph, edit, done. Hmm, I wonder what it would look like if I shifted the hue a little […]

Starnight – Original Spacecraft

Thanks for clicking on my project, it means a lot.     After having to take apart my beloved Ultra Stealth Raider set for a school project, I was left with a bunch of pieces I didn’t really know what to do with. After a few hours, and a few extra…