BIZIBOT, the mecha bee

MechMonday #8 sub-theme : “Flying” Mihibot’s best friend for ever! The 2.0 version of this moc , 4 years after, like her friend, she’s a grown up girl!

Good Morning Apocalypseburg !

Got my hands on all the minifigs and the sticker sheet from the set 70840, so here is all the Apocalypseburg citizen. It wasn’t easy tho😅 Left to right, up to down : Sharkira, Armory Skeleton Mannequin, Scribble Cop, Abe, “Where Are My Pants?” Guy, Chainsaw Dave, Swamp Creature, Harley Quinn, Mo-Hawk, Maddox, Sharkira (I […]

Portal 2 – GLaDOS vs Chell and Wheatley

I made this display piece showing the battle of Chell and the spherical robot Wheatley against the giant and evil artificial intelligence GLaDOS (and this was not even the end of the story!). I built a small vignette of the cake from the end of…

Portal 2 Turret

This is a near lifesize model of an artificially intelligent turret built in the labs at aperture science. I built this because I saw the curvature on some of the pieces and thought, hey, this would work for a Portal 2 turret. I think this would…

Classic Nintendo Pixel Wall Art

Anyone who loves Nintendo would love this. Anyone who loves Lego would love this. Introducing, the classic heros (and Pokeball) of Nintendo in pixel Lego wall art form. It has Kirby (my personal favorite), Link, Mario, and a Pokeball all in…

World trade Center’s One Twin Tower

The World Trade Center’s beautiful Twin Towers are maybe the most recognizable, dominating, intriguing and historical skyscrapers that have ever been.   After purchasing the LEGO Empire State building, I wanted a model of the Twin Towers in the…


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