LEGO #6863 Super Heroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City

Product Features Includes 3 minifigures: Batman, The Joker and henchman Features The Joker?s helicopter and Batwing The Joker?s helicopter features henchman pilot, 4 flick missiles, rope ladder and ?toxic laughing gas? bomb release function Batwing features 2 flick missiles and bomb release function The Joker?s helicopter measures 7? (20cm) long, Batwing measures over 8? (22cm) […]

Lego sets just for sexists

Lego sent its team back out to scrutinize girls, starting in 2007. Lego confirmed that girls favor role-play, but they also love to build–just not the same way as boys. Whereas boys tend to be "linear"–building rapidly, even against the clock, to finish a kit so it looks just like what’s on the box–girls prefer […]

Live-Action/Animated LEGO Movie Planned For 2014

“Lego” has been in development at Warner Bros. since 2008, when the studio began working with the toymaker on a family comedy based on the popular building blocks with Dan Lin and Roy Lee producing and the writing team of Dan and Kevin Hageman tapped to pen the script. In 2010, Warners brought on the […]

Anatomy of a Lego Minifig

In the past, Jason Freeny has dissected characters like Mario, and the Stay Puft marshmallow man—but now he takes a peek inside a Lego Minifig. via Anatomy of a Lego Minifig [Toys].

Life-Sized Halo Sniper Rifle Made From LEGO

The newest addition to Nick Jensen’s collection of brick-built Halo weapons is this life-sized reproduction of the Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel (aka Halo sniper rifle) made almost entirely from LEGO. via Life-Sized Halo Sniper Rifle Made From LEGO [Toys].