Tantive IV

CR-90 corvettes were one of the most common anti-starfighter crafts used by the Rebel Alliance in the galactic civil war. Their armament of two double turbolaser batteries, and four smaller lasercannons made them viable against swarms of smaller ships. Their mass-to-power -ratio was off the charts, thanks to the eleven ion turbine engines strapped into […]

Battlestar Galactica BSG-75

One of twelve Battlestars constructed by the Twelve Colonies of Man, Galactica represents the Colonial planet Caprica. CLASS: Galactica Class LENGTH: 1,445m MAX SPEED: 1,500km/sec sublight, FTL drive WEAPONS: 42 heavy batteries, 514 dual point-defense batteries 12 nuclear missile tubes CAPACITY: 5,000+ crew AUXILIARY CRAFT: Colonial Raptors, Colonial Vipers Mk. I-III, VII The Model: Approximately […]

The future is bright – Part 1 Hybris

The future is bright. Part I Hybris Shiptember Men will conquer the stars. Live long and prosper. The future is bright. Heavily inspired by Mass Effect Citadel. The picture shows some kind of spaceship that contains a world to live in. No glue, stickers or dirty tricks. Leave a comment or a like to help […]