Midnight Dragon

The Midnight Dragon is the personal starship of the infamous bounty hunters and smugglers, Zume Rhapsagg and Mr. Lobster. Intead of "acquiring" a ship in then modifying it with better weapons systems, sheilds, and the like, Zume and Lobs had their ship custom built from the ground up to suit their needs and preferences. Powered […]

Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba’s Podracers

Pilot the Podracers™ at the Boonta Eva Classic! It’s the final lap of the Boonta Eva Classic Podrace! Anakin and his rival, Sebulba, are side by side as they approach the finish line, but look out! Sebulba is extending his buzz saws and trying to knock Anakin out of the race! Use the Force to […]