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LEGO Star Wars 9492 TIE Fighter

9492 tie fighter LEGO Star Wars 9492 TIE Fighter

LEGO Star Wars 9492 TIE Fighter
Behold, the standard fighter in the Emperor’s Navy! The TIE Fighter is back, and this time it includes a bunch of figures like the TIE Pilot, the Imperial Office, the new Death Star Trooper, and the new R5-J2. Build a squad of them and crush the Rebel Alliance! 413 pieces. Ages 8 to 14.

I own a version of the tie inteceptor in lego, but it didn’t come with any of those cool minifigs.

via LEGO Star Wars 9492 TIE Fighter – LEGO – Star Wars – Construction Toys at Entertainment Earth.

Let’s Talk About The Future

Yesterday, I lost my day job. I was fired for some rather dubious reasons, but it boiled down to the fact that someone on the board of directors didn’t like the fact that I had a job, so they lobbied to correct that situation, and thus I find myself wondering how I’m going to make my next mortgage payment, or how I’m going to buy my next beer (answer, no beer until I’m back in the work force).

That being said, now that I’m temporarily unemployed, I’m going to devote much more time to the various websites that I have created and just let coast, including and My first task to to create a new “landing page” for mcs. This also means TIMELY posts on internet-d and movieties, so please feel free to visit those sites.

Another thing this means? I’m going to be in the MCS chatroom MUCH more, and I’m going to need people to talk to, so feel free to swing on by. This is going to be a full time gig for a while, so starting 8:30am EST until