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Lego Frame Saw

The only Frame Saw in the World that cuts carrots! Why carrot? Well, this was not planned. The main goal was to cut through the real wood. During the filming…

Steppenwolf II

Actually I wanted to build a Maschinen Krieger for Ma.Ktober , but it turned out to be a Mecha. Markus Rollbühler suggested that I could post it on Monday for for Mech Monday. Here it is, hope you’ll like it.

Mech Monday #43: Black Widow

For Halloween the Black Widow is my creepy addition to Creations for Charity. I was finally able to use some of my Count Dooku lightsabers! 🙂 Follow the link to the shop and consider making a purchase! I am also not opposed to putting up any of the mechs that I built in this last […]

Fumblor CorVVette M-17

I had a lot of vessels to make over the last few weeks for a convention. So with this convention being in november, I figured I’d make some Vipers… This one became a little too large to still be really considered a Vic Viper Starfighter.

Space Exploration

My new MOC is inspired by the current Lego City Space Theme. I loved the space theme as a child and realized that I’ve never built a space MOC before. The first of a series is a Mech or Walker thing. This will be part of a new collab with speedyhead, so watch out, there […]