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Huntsman – Plague Mech: Pi

Huntsman – Plague Mech: Pi Wolf Spider – Plague Mech: Chi Stink Bug – Plague Mech: Rho Centipede – Plague Mech: Omicron Stick Insect – Plague Mech: Gamma

LEGO Architecture 21045 Trafalgar Square review

London has inspired numerous Architecture sets and 21045 Trafalgar Square is the biggest model to date, containing 1197 pieces. It looks excellent in official images, featuring some great colourful highlights which contrast with the primary white structures. Furthermore, an impressive range of building techniques are exhibited here.

Disney World Main Street Train Station

Each year, millions of people vist the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The first thing they see when they arrive is the Main Street Train Station.This set is meant capture the striking visual aspect and the wonder of the…

Rock Raiders/Star Wars Mashup

The result of a boring weekend and massive nostalgia for old Lego themes. This little project was a great way to use some old, specialized pieces from the old Rock Raiders line. I imagined this vessel to be some kind of pirate or scavenger ship that is operated by Trandoshans

Corellian Escort Gunboat

For this MOC I was inspired by the original designs for the Millennium Falcon as well as the corellian gunship from Star Wars legends. This ship is meant to be considerably smaller than the Tantive IV and serves in a anti-starfighter role.

Apoca zombie

This is my latest moc, I made for the austrian Lego exhibition in Feldbach/Steiermark. Detail pictures are allready online. This is the main picture. Thanks to @Dr. Zarkof for editing this photo. Hope you like it. Comments are welcome. 🙂