Tantive IV

CR-90 corvettes were one of the most common anti-starfighter crafts used by the Rebel Alliance in the galactic civil war. Their armament of two double turbolaser batteries, and four smaller lasercannons made them viable against swarms of smaller ships. Their mass-to-power -ratio was off the charts, thanks to the eleven ion turbine engines strapped into its back. This ship was most notably used by princess Leia in the film New hope (1977), where it made its appearance during the first minutes of the film, thus making it the first ship to be seen in Star Wars. My Lego model of this iconic vehicle is built in approx. 1:600 scale, and features movable turrets and retractable landing skids. The stand, even tho looks flimsy, holds the ship up decently well. The model is 50 centimeters or 60 studs in length, and weights about two kilograms. The front and back sections can be easily separated for convinient transport.

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