The future is bright – Part 1 Hybris

The future is bright. Part I Hybris Shiptember Men will conquer the stars. Live long and prosper. The future is bright. Heavily inspired by Mass Effect Citadel. The picture shows some kind of spaceship that contains a world to live in. No glue, stickers or dirty tricks. Leave a comment or a like to help me keep up my motivation for part II: the future is dark I’m so sorry cause I had planed something much more epic but time is runnning out. Thanks to Dr. Zarkow for picture processing tips and motivational talks. Also to my former building buddies Jonas and Simon. I will add much more photos soon. The whole tube is longer than 1,50 meters. For all the Dr. Who fans: It’s kind of a reversed TARDIS – it’s bigger from the outside. Space magically disappears when looking inside the tube. As you can see there are 4 support rings and three segments. While the first segment looks large the last segment is hardly visible. I will present it at the Fanworld (16-18 November) in Colgne and then disassemble it. I will do a rebuild so that you can have a look from the side. I will add many details, sky scrapers and space ships for the exhibition that I couldn’t use in the picture. It’s not the prettiest MOC but I had to face severe building restrictions. i) Every two studs the ground bends, so I could only build on a 2 studs wide base. In other words I couldn’t build anything wider than two studs. ii) The “ground level” is the level, where the bricks perfectly align to each other. I could build higher on one of those two studs wide tracks, but I couldn’t build something next to it. Building below ground level is possible, but then there are small gaps. So my building range was limited to a height of exactely 3 plates most of the times. iii) No parts availlable in the colors I used. My colour scheme is mainly medium green, bright green, green and dark green. Medium green – which is ironically a very light and damped color and not medium at all – is a rare Scala color with almost no availlable parts. There are no small plates, no tiles and I had only the 3004 bricks. Bright green has a few more parts but is still very limited. The only tile is a 1 x 4 for example. There are no plates either. iv) Because of this extremely flat angle I had to use much space so that the result would not be a total mess. v) The bends between all those two studs wide tracks is done with my beloved mixel hinges (other hinges would have worked better, since I only needed one direction the bend should be in). So I had to fix everything in a way, that adjacent tracks stay together and do not open up. This is only possible on certain hights. I have to show a photo to illustrate that. Apart from that I had to incorporate those 4 rings to hold all the segments together. Somehow I had to provide light. I couldn’t just build a full circle. That was in fact something I tought about a long time before I began building. How to get light into a tube? But what would a real station like this would look like? They also would need light. Some lights in the middle of the circle? I doubt it. There has to be some kind of sky. I had – more or less – two options: building a half circle only or leaving spaces.

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