Miss Utopia

Miss Utopia is the pioneer of the future, exploring the solar system with her trusty robotic companion, GD-801! Bio-Cup Round 3 Entry – Theme: The Future – Subtheme: Utopia This theme proved to be just as difficult, if not more so, as the last round, purely because of how I could choose to interpret it. Do I make a sprawling cityscape of the future? What about the vehicle for the perfect world? I was even considering making something inspired by the TV Series ‘Utopia’ but I think that would have been a little extreme. No spoons were used in the making of this moc. Deciding to explore the retro-futurist approach, I was heavily influenced by old pulp science fiction magazine covers, with their impossible spacesuits and clunky robots. This is my attempt at recreating that aesthetic. Alt. shots can be found here!

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