Downtown Museum

At first, I had no mind to create my own museum. I wanted to buy any original LEGO product. But, as soon as I searched for any kind of museum product, I realized there are a few museums in LEGO’s product line. If any, that product is too small. I…

LEGO Ultramarines

Hi everyone, This command squad of Ultramarines is a project I’ve been working on for a little while now. The members include Roboute Guilliman, a Captain wielding an iron halo and power sword, a tyrannic war veteran, an apothecary, two veteran marines as well as a chapter standard. I tried to give each member of […]

Lego Fire Task Force 3

My Lego fire department Task Force 3. It includes (left to right) Truck 3, Medic 3, Engine 3, Squad 3, Battalion Chief 1, Heavy Rescue, and Urban Search & Rescue 3.